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We would like to extend a warm invitation from the Transplant Infectious Diseases section to attend the 10th International Transplant Infectious Diseases Conference, to be held in the fascinating city of Hong Kong, just prior to the 26th International Congress of The Transplantation Society (TTS).


The full day meeting will include lectures by 13 physician experts from 4 continents, covering relevant topics such as management of hepatitis C and B, respiratory viruses, multidrug resistant organisms, vaccination, arbovirus infections, and clinical recommendations on the management of common and emerging complications of transplantation.


This year the lectures will follow the chronology of the transplant timeline emphasizing the TID doctor approach to diagnosis and management of major syndromes in the transplant setting.


As a favored tradition of our meetings, we will finish the day with the popular five-minute case presentations from all speakers, encouraging challenging discussion.


Our annual TID conference always provides an excellent opportunity for colleagues to meet and for strangers to become friends. At the end of the day, the conference dinner seals the spirit of friendship and cordiality that has always characterized our meetings.


Please consider joining us in Hong Kong for an unforgettable meeting.



For more information, please visit TID 2016



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