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Welcome to Seoul, Korea!


Dear Colleagues,


On behalf of the Organizing Committee, it is my great pleasure to invite you to the 2nd Interscience Conference on Infection and Chemotherapy (ICIC 2015) which will be held in Seoul, Korea from November 5 to 7, 2015. This year's conference, representing the second in this biennial event, hosted by the Korean Society of Infectious Diseases (KSID) and cohosted by the ten Korean professional societies in the fields of infectious diseases and chemotherapy.


The ICIC 2015 is planned to bring together multidisciplinary infectious diseases and public health professionals for the exchange of scientific and public health information on wide infectious disease issues. This year's program includes a list of distinguished speakers and experts across the world, covering emerging infectious disease topics. All the clinicians and researchers from all over the world interested in the infectious diseases (adult & pediatric) are welcome to this conference. The ICIC 2015 program includes vaccine-preventable diseases, zoonosis, AIDS, prevention and control of healthcare-associated infections, antimicrobial resistance and clinical microbiology.


This conference will promote sharing up-to-date knowledge on diverse topics among clinical microbiologists, infectious disease doctors, researchers, veterinarians and pharmacists. Oral and poster presentations will also provide the opportunity of exchange of new research experiences in related fields.


I am looking forward to seeing you in ICIC 2015, and I hope that you will have a great time in Seoul!


For more Information, please visit ICIC 2015




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